Pixels From Down Under Class

Due to some very unfortunate circumstances,  Pixels from Down Under has been cancelled. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Linda Sanders, Instructor
OzFeathers of Australia

Saturday, March 10th
Sunday, March 11, 2018

The technique is called “fabric leadlight”and is done with no back-cutting.  Fabric leadlight glows in the sunshine.  Anyone with a sewing machine, black thread and a keenness to meet Linda or sew something bright will do well. 

This is made with flag nylon which is easier to work with than ripstop, making the project low stress for all.  Flag nylon is a quiet fabric and is fade resistant.  The straight seams only require a wide zigzag stitch. Banners will be made using Linda’s specialised **hot cut, hot-weld and sew** process.

  • Various pre-cut flag pieces will be available on a first in the door basis
  • kits are $75. and can be pre-ordered with registration.
  • Poles will not be supplied, but the finished project will fit a 10’ pole.  
  • The workshop is $100/person and is limited to 12 participants per day.


  1. Read Needs List, below.
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Make payment:
    1. Online
    2. Call the Museum (360-642-4020) with credit card info (open 11am – 4 pm, Fri – Tues)
    3. Mail a check to World Kite Museum, PO Box 964, Long Beach, WA 98631

NOTE there is a class limit of 12 and reservations will be taken in the order payment & registration are received.

Registration Form:

Check here if you read the Needs List.

Payment Online:
  • Registration $100.
  • Extra Kit $75.


Minimum NEEDS for Linda Sander’s class:

  1. Hot dot iron – 40W with “biro-style” tip

    Hot dot iron – 40W with “biro-style” tip

    Hot dot iron – 40W with “biro-style” tip
  2. Cigarette lighter / thread sealer.
  3. Seam ripper – in case you sew OFF kilter by accident…
  4. Poly-cotton thread is best for UV. I work in black for the leadlight effect.
  5. Ordinary single-side sticky tape for joining pattern pieces (see-through tape)
  6. Camera or smartphone so you can photograph any physical examples you need to remember after class.
  7. NOT SUPPLIED – pole. Best to have a NON-whippy tip. Use a 10’ pole for this banner. Bring yours for the “I’ve finished!” photo.
  8. If you use edge tape, bring approx. 12’ x two-thirds inch wide, single fold required. OR… double fold hem.
  9. Table protection – you’ll be using your HOT-dot iron onto fabric which sits on 80gsm paper. Ideally large sheet of cardboard, or thin piece of plywood.  Even better – a portable light table.
  10. Sewing machine which can sew ZIGZAG stitch @ wider than for kite applique. Some sewing machine stitch width numers range from 0.1 to 5 or more. Select 4. Can’t set tension until in class – SCRAP fabric supplied on the day. Flag nylon is NOT ripstop, it’s friendlier!
  11. Fabric clamps / bulldog clips to hold the rolled fabric either side of your working space.top


Memorial Fly

10:00 am, Field A

Please leave the names of the kite flier you wish to remember at the Operations Tent. A clipboard for that purpose will be there all week. The names will be written on a kite that will be released during the fly. This is expressly for those who have passed in the past year.   Please feel free to fly your own kite during this memorial.


Mass Ascension #4

Sparless Soft Kites Bary Crites & Vic Eshpeter, Event Directors

10:30 am, Field A

Pin Registration Thursday, 10:00 am,

Registration Tent

Part 3 of a four part pin set for the first 240 flyers.

Registration is NOT required if no pin is desired.





Lolli Hadzicki-Ryno, EVENT DIRECTOR

11:30 am, Field A

The top 10 Rev Flyers from Friday will have 2 minutes to show their style and skill. Creativity, Personality, fun, Control and Crowd Pleasing Maneuvers will determine the winners. Finalists will have a short prep time before competing. Spectators are encouraged to show their appreciation.

First Place Winner receives $100 and a custom Revolution Trophy Kite! 2nd Place wins $50 and 3rd place $25.


Sport Kite Events

Throughout the Day

Pilots Meeting – 9:30 am, Sound Booth

Sport Kite Ballet 10:00 am, Field A

Beginner Sport Kites – 11:30 am, Field B

Sport Kite Ballet – 3:00 pm, Field A


Cody Fly

Rick White, Event Director

Registration 9:00 am

11:00 am – Noon, Field A

Have you got a Cody kite?

Well come and join us!

Let’s break the record this year!

The first 120 people who register will get a free Cody pin! Registration begins Saturday morning at 9:00 am at the tent in front of field A. The reason we register is for documentation when we break the record.

  • A kite flier with more than one Cody kite may fly as many Cody’s as they want, either one at a time or in a stack.
  • A person not owning a Cody may fly someone else’s kite.
  • Cody kites DO NOT need to be handmade.
  • If there is insufficient wind, the event will still be held.
  • Each kite must be flying in the air for a minimum of 2 minutes to count towards the record and final count.

Please stay after the fly and get in on the group picture so that everyone has a record of those who were present this year.

Your picture of previous years and this year, can be downloaded from of the Washington Kitefliers Association web site: http://wka.kitefliers.org.


Teddy Bear Drop

Cliff & Gerry Pennell, Directors

Registration   11:30 am, Registration Tent

         Setup   Noon

         Drop begins at 12:30 pm   Field A

Children nine (9) and under can register beginning at 11:30 am until 12:30 pm. Fifteen names will be drawn and those children will go out on the field and catch their bear.

Is that a “Bear in the Air”? Yes, the Long Beach Bears will be performing at the WSIKF on Saturday. This year’s graduating class includes expert sky divers jumping for the opportunity to go home with a lucky boy or girl. The whole squadron of Bears has been practicing all year to get ready for this event. The robust elimination process, which determined today’s performers, was highly competitive. Fifteen members of the Long Beach Bears Squadron are looking forward to retirement and enjoying the “easy life” at their new home.

This event is FREE to all children age nine (9) and under. Registration will begin at 11:30 am in the Registration Tent. All those children present who have registered prior to the jump will be in the drawing to provide a good home for one of the skydivers. Children must be present when their name is drawn to be able to take home a Long Beach Bear.

Come to Field A ready to cheer for the Bears performing their final jump before retirement.

Parade Of Colors

Marla Miller, Event Director

12:45 pm Line up at the north end of the

Boardwalk and begin walking at 1pm

Join the Parade of Colors with your flag or banner! Everyone is welcome!   Line up beginning at the north end of the Boardwalk. The parade will march on the boardwalk and then around Field A. If you cannot walk through the sand, then join us at the Field.

The Recognition Ceremony for the Featured Flyers will be held once the parade participants are around the field. The first 100 participants who line up with a flag or banner will receive a Parade Pin. Pins will be given as you come off the field.

Have You Seen The Fairy Godmother?

1:00 pm & 3:00 pm

Near the First Aid Tent

1:00 pm Kids 8 and older– join the Fairy Godmother for the Parade. She will be wearing her wings and will be near the First Aide Tent. Wear a costume if you have it!

3:00 pm Kids 8 and under--look for the Fairy Godmother and her helpers in their red tent near the First Aide Tent. The first 200 children to find them will be rewarded with a surprise.


Rokkaku Challenge

Ronda Brewer Event Director

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, Fields A & B

This is a team competition in which the emphasis is on fun more than winning. The objective is to knock or cut other kites out of the sky using your team’s kite. AKA competition rules will be used. In order to ensure the safety and maximize the enjoyment of the teams, the following rules will be strictly enforced.

  • A team consists of at least three members. They must fly a traditional Rokkaku (hexagon) shaped kite. All team members must be on the flying field at the beginning of the competition. The addition of team members from outside the field will result in immediate disqualification and removal of the team from the field.
  • All team members must be holding onto their kite line during the entire competition. Failure to hold on to the line will result in disqualification of the team. Team members must avoid body contact with opposing team members and their lines. Any obvious attempt to make such contact will result in disqualification.
  • Sharp objects connected to the line will result in disqualification. Any attempt to cut an opposing team’s line with a knife or other sharp object carried onto the field by a competitor will result in disqualification.
  • Members of teams that have been forced down or disqualified must leave the field immediately. They may not make any attempt to interfere with the remaining teams.
  • Any team observed not engaging for a 30 second period will be given a 30 second warning. They will be timed by a judge and disqualified if contact is not made. Teams will also be timed for contact on a random basis.
  • The judges may stop the competition at any time by sounding a whistle or horn. All competitors must stop in place at the sound. It is expected that this will only occur in the event of an injury or if an unsafe condition is felt to exist on the field.


KID’S Kite Making

Sponsored by the World Kite Museum

Hosted by Butch Harviston, Event Director

2:00 – 4:00 pm Activities Tent

Kite making is a free activity but donations help support the World Kite Museum.


Mass Ascension #3

Flat & Bowed Kites

Bary Crites & Vic Eshpeter, Event Directors

2:30 pm, Field A

Pin Registration Thursday, 10:00 am,

Registration Tent

Part 3 of a four part pin set for the first 240 flyers.

Registration is NOT required if no pin is desired.


All sport kite events are subject to change based on the weather and which individuals have registered. So, there may be changes to this schedule. Check in the Registration Tent for the final schedule or listen for the announcements.

Sport Kite Events Throughout the Day

Pilots Meeting   9:30 am   Sound Booth

Sport Kite Precision – 10:00 am, Field B

Junior Sport Kite – 11:30 am, Field B

Sport Kite Ballet – 2:00 pm, Field A

Mystery Ballet – 3:00 pm, Field A






Bary Crites & Vic Eshpeter, Event Directors

      10:30 am     Field A

Pin Registration Thursday, 10:00 am,

Registration Tent

Part 1 of a four part pin set for the first 240 flyers.

Registration is NOT required if no pin is desired.



Lisa Root & Stephen Owen, Event Directors

      11:30 AM   Field B

  • Must be 14 years old or younger.
  • Contestants will provide their own kite.
  • The event may be modified or cancelled depending on the wind and / or weather. Listen for announcements or check at the Registration Tent.
  • Three compulsory figures will be flown: a square, circle, and vertical figure eight.



Bary Crites & Vic Eshpeter, Event Directors

11:30 am   Red & White Activities Tent

30 largest pin collections will be awarded a pin.



Revolution inVITAtional

– First Round –

Lolli Hadzicki-Ryno, Event Director

1:00-3:30 pm   Field B

The Rev Invitational was created to encourage Rev flyers at every level to get involved in a fun, creative, and friendly way. Your factory Rev is your invitation. No homemade, or knock-offs. Each entrant receives 20 Rev Bucks for joining in.

It’s all about having Fun, Pleasing the Crowd, being Creative, showing Personality and flying with a bit of Rev Control. 10 points will be possible for each category.

Flyers are split into 2 groups:

Group #1 ñ Flyers with 2 years or less Rev experience. 1 round only. This group flies for 1.5 to 2 minutes each. Top 3 flyers in points win First place: $50, 2nd Place: $25, and 3rd place: $10.

Group #2 ñ 2+ years of Rev Experience. This group, depending on the number of entrants, is 2 rounds. round 1 –all entrants fly for a max 2 minutes each. The top 10 will advance to the Final Round on Sunday.




Bary Crites & Vic Eshpeter, Event Directors

1:00 pm   Field A

Pin Registration Thursday, 10:00 am,

Registration Tent

Part 2 of a four part pin set for the first 240 flyers.

Registration is NOT required if no pin is desired



Northwest Sport Kite League

Register 10:00 am–2:00 pm, Operations Tent

3:00 pm   Field A

This is an event you won’t want to miss. Single line, dual line and quad line flyers put their flying to a real test. In other sport kite competitions flyers have practiced their routines to music of their own choosing. In this event flyers will not know what song they will be flying to until the music starts. This usually leads to creative adaptations that are a favorite among the flyers and the audience alike.

All songs will be 2-4 minutes in length. A variety of music will be presented. The contestants flight order will be determined by random draw. With a few exceptions rules from the AKA rulebook will be followed.

The judges will score each contestant on the following criteria:

Choreography: How well the flier performs to the music.

Technical: The variety and difficulty of the maneuvers performed and how well they are executed.

Response: How well the flier “wows” the audience. Make some noise for your favorite performances.



Gym opens at 5:00 pm

Long Beach Elementary School

Open Unlimited Competition at 7:00 pm



7:30 pm   Mandatory Flyers Meeting

Claudette Maxim & Rae Bohn, Event Directors

8:00 pm   Field A



Following the Lighted Night Fly

Approximately 9:45pm



Friday Night ONLY for Fireworks!




Handcrafted Comprehensive Competition

Carol Bechard & Kara Zubal, Co-Directors       9:30 am, Field A

  • Pre-registration will be open from 2:00 – 4:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning at 9:00 am. Listen for announcements.
  • All kites entered in today’s competition will be flown and judged by the “RULES AND GUIDELINES FOR COMPREHENSIVE KITEMAKING COMPETITION,” published by the AKA, as a guideline.
  • Every participant in the Handcrafted Kite Competition will be a winner! A special participation pin will be given to every competitor that enters at least one kite for judging.
  • Judging criteria includes craftsmanship, structural design, kite flight and handling, and visual appeal.
  • Each event (except Smallest Kite) will include three competitor levels: APPRENTICE, JOURNEYMAN, and MASTERS. A questionnaire form will be available to determine each competitor’s skill level. Flyers may choose to compete at higher skill level than the questionnaire determines.
  • Registration will be open on Wednesday afternoon from 2:00 – 4:00 and again Thursday morning at 9:00.
  • Kites that have placed in Handcrafted Competition at WSIKF in previous years are ineligible to compete.
  • Kites can be either built by an individual or cooperatively by two or more people.
  • Upon the completion of the competition, drawings will be made from the winners of each level for prizes.
    APPRENTICE: A free ride scholarship to Fort Worden Kite Makers Conference (room, meals and tuition).
    JOURNEYMAN: A free ride scholarship to Oregon Kite Makers Retreat (room, meals and tuition).  
    MASTERS: A gift basket full of surprises.

Events         Times are approximate and based on number of entries in each category

9:30 – ARCHES, TRAINS AND CENTIPEDES – Kites of any shape or structure that is connected by lines to each other.

9:45 – TRADITIONAL KITES – Kites include eastern or western kites using designs that might have been found before 1950 and/or based on designs indigenous to the region they represent. Kites must be made from traditional materials such as paper or silk with a bamboo frame. This includes countries such as Bali, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.

10:00 – INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS & DESIGNS – This category recognizes new designs or styles of kites that do not fit within any other category. Imagination, innovation, experimentation, and originality are added emphasis.

10:15 – STUNT / MULTI-LINE KITES – Kites which require more flying lines to lift the kite in the air and keep it steady as it flies.

10:45 – LINE ACCESSORIES & GROUND ART – Sometimes referred to as “line art,” this category will included any tethered object. The object may be tethered to a kite, line, or the ground. Examples would include wind socks, bols, wheels, etc.

11:15 – FIGURE OR NOVELTY KITES – Shapes of these kites represent persons, animals, or other objects. May be controlled by two or more lines. Kites whose surfaces are decorated with pictures or representations of the above are not considered figure kites.

11:30 – THE SMALLEST KITE – The kite should demonstrate stability in flight-. Once meeting this requirement, the kite with the smallest amount of lifting surface will be declared the winner.

11:45 – Lunch

12:30 – Handcrafted Tribute Fly

1:00 – SOFT & SEMI-RIGID – The shape of the kite is maintained by the interaction of the wind on the sail and the proper bridling of the kite. Semi-rigid kites may have spars going in one direction only.

1:30 – ROKKAKU KITES – Kite shape must be six-sided and framed as a traditional Sanjo Rokkaku

2:00 – FIGHTER KITES – This category is open to all types and designs of fighter kites

2:15 – CELLULAR OR DIMENSIONAL KITES – A three-dimensional structure with the wind flowing through channels formed by the sail surfaces which are also lifting surfaces.

2:45 – DELTA OR DELTA DERIVATIVES – Usually a triangular winged kite

3:15 – FLAT OR BOWED KITES – The lift surface is a single plane. Diamonds, Della Portas, Eddys, Edos, and Bermudas are all examples of Flat or Bowed Kites.

Handcrafted kites will be available for viewing at the northeast corner of field A following the judging of each category.


Registration For Mass Ascension pins

10:00 am, Registration Tent


KITES with TAILS mega fly

Sponsored by the World Kite Museum    10:00 am – 1:00 pm Field B

The World Kite Museum created this event to get experienced and beginner kite flyers to appreciate one another and learn from each other, while having fun. Kites can be bought from kite stores, made from printed directions or classes or borrowed from a friend. To get a pin for the fun you’ll have, you need to register at the table on the south end of the Registration Tent. Kites with Tails can be attached to the kite or pictured on the kite. Anything goes! Your start time will be recorded. You need to fly for at least one hour to qualify for a pin. When you are done flying, check out at the registration table to collect your pin. This arrangement is good for those competing in the handcrafted events by arranging your mega flying time at your convenience. Get involved in the fun!


Handcrafted Tribute Fly

Ken Conrad and Suzanne Sadow

Sky Pirates, Event Directors 12:30 pm Field A


This year we are pleased to be honoring Ken Conrad & Suzanne Sadow. Ken & Suzanne are involved in all aspects of kiting, making kites, teaching classes and even aerial (KAP) kite photography.

In college, Ken prepared for a career in hard science, but found it didn’t click. Ken flew kites for fun during breaks between classes; he noticed the attention kites brought and had his first business idea: why not leave science and sell kites?

He made a few kites & sold them to a kite store in Cannon Beach. From there he taught a kitemaking class at a local school for 800 kids. In 1976 he opened his kite store, Great Winds. He met his wife, Suzanne, when she just happened to walk into the store one day.

Suzanne had recently moved to Seattle from New York. She thought Seattle would be a lovely place to retreat and do studio work. Suzanne has become well known for her Nishi sled, a playful take on Takeshi Nishibayashi’s double layer sled that she personalizes with her artwork.

Recognizing that many kites don’t fly well, Ken and Suzanne strive to design reliable flyers suitable for any experience level. They developed the Frustrationless Flyer. This 24” sled is a foolproof kit with a blank skin, ready to customize with any artwork. Perfect for the classroom, or for someone who is all thumbs but wants some flying time.



Long Beach Elementary School Gym opens at 3:00 pm, Single Line Competition at 7:00 pm