Exhibit: A Kite Junket Through Southeast Asia


A Kite Junket Through Southeast Asia Begins in Japan, which is the featured Asian kite collection this year. A video of the Shironi Festival helps you realize the passion behind the Japanese kite culture. Other countries on the kite tour include China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Each country’s kites are made of different materials, have…

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Exhibit: Kites of India


India’s Kite Culture One wall is covered with the plain and fancy fighter kites of this country whose enthusiastic kite fighting may look like a free-for-all. Their holiday festivals originate from the belief of a connection between sky and earth. However, the kite games happen regularly like a golf and bowling happen here. Cutting line…

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Exhibit: Kites Have Pull


This exhibit accompanies the featured Hall of Fame member, George Pocock. They both involve multi-line kites, which accomplish the power to pull. After Pocock’s development of a pair of four-line arch kites to pull a carriage, the next time multi-line kites appeared in large amounts was Paul Garbor’s WWII Target kites that pulled a moving…

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Exhibit: Kites of Afghanistan


Afghanistan: Kite Games with No Rules Like most Asian fighter kites, Afghani fighters are made of tissue paper and bamboo. However, there are three differences. The Afghani kite is much bigger, often two people man the kite – the flyer and the line handler who also acts as runner, and kites are often let out…

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A Special Night at the Museum


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Brasington Butterfly Kite Workshop

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