Competition Rules



  • If you are flying in a designated field, you must be registered and have a wristband.  This is an insurance requirement.  Please check at the Beach Director’s Trailer – located near the north end of the Boardwalk – to register.
  • Registration will open at 8a.m. unless otherwise noted.
  • Events and times may be changed or modified due to the weather and/or wind conditions.  Flexibility is the key for everyone’s happiness.
  • If you are entering an event which requires you to provide music, it must be on a CD.  An MP3 or IPod can be used for demonstrations only.  Please deliver your music to the announcer at the Sound Tent.
  • All kites that are anchored must be marked with safety tape at eye level and two feet above the ground.  Kites must be supervised at all times.
  • The North American Fighter Kite Association (NAFKA) will provide event coordinators for all fighter kite events.