Donate To Help Us Soar!

The City of Long Beach and Pacific County have given generous monies to help us sustain and grow as an organization. The Board of Directors, employees and volunteers are overwhelmingly grateful to the City for providing the World Kite Museum’s housing for its first twenty years. Their combined and continued support is responsible for the museum’s success today.

Donors and Friends of the World Kite Museum
$ 200,000 – Into the Stratosphere
$ 100,000 – Fly to the Top
WA State Heritage Trust
Building for the Arts
$50,000 – Dances Across the Sky
$25,000 – Plays with Clouds
$10,000 – Reaches New Heights
Key Bank
Jim & Kay Buesing
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H Rutherford, Inc., Keith & Keleigh Schwartz
$5,000 – Soars in the Wind
Sid & Betty Snyder
Zahl Foundation
Marion Marsh
$1,000 –Grand Friends and Masters of Flight
American Kitefliers Association
Associated Oregon Kiters
The Daily Astorian
Bank of Astoria
Sylvia Bernauer
Chinook Observer
Cottage Bakery, Bob & Judy Andrews
Robert G. Day (aka Mr. Kite)
The Depot Restaurant, Nancy Gorshe & Michael Lalewicz
Vic Espheter & Linda Kellogg
Jack & Peggy Ford
Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference
Elizabeth Hadley
Bob & Pat Hall
Sherry Hash
Jane & Roger Holeman
Sam & Anne Huston
Dale & Jean Jacobson, Active Enterprises
Lance Ford & Mary Jansma
Ed & Debi Jensen
Ilwaco-Long Beach Kiwanis
Lighthouse Resort, Richard & Jan Grambo
Dennis & Kathy Long
Long Beach Lions Club
Long Beach Merchants Association
Brian Bradley & Mark McClaughry
Gabe Newell & Lisa Mennet
Midway Printery, Frances O’Neil
Ron & Marla Miller
Don & Cecilia Morris-Overton
Ray & Sally Nelson
Carol Nordquist
Northwest Buggy Pilots Association
Jerry O’Conner
Okie’s Sentry Market, Richard Schisler
Dennis & Marion Oman
Stephen & Joanne Oman
Peninsula Sanitation &
Long Beach Recycling & Transfer Center
Rob Pratt
Rotary Club of Southwest Pacific County Peninsula
Jim Sayce & Diane Barker-Sayce
Kathleen Sayce & Frank Wolfe
Miriam Schafler
Charlie & Pat Sotich
Ed & Sandra Stonebreaker
Bob & Charmayne Umbowers
Blaine & Cheri Walker
Washington Kitefliers Association
Westport Windriders
Ross & Judith Willison
Gordon & Linda Zuern