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Congratulations to Ken Wilson and his winning submission for 2017!

My name is Ken Wilson, I am a 77 year old graphic artist born in Rose Valley, WA. I discovered my passion for art while
living in the North Beach area of San Francisco in the 50’s and 60’s. On weekends all of the local artists would gather at
the fisherman’s wharf to sell their art to tourists. It didn’t take long for me to realize you couldn’t make a living at that time in San Francisco.
So I placed my art career on hold. It wasn’t until the early 80’s that I started dabbling in graphic design and drafting. By the mid-1990’s my
interests had changed once again and migrated towards digital graphic arts and scale model lighthouse building from the original government blueprints.
To date, my favorite styles of art revolve around art deco and art nouveau.

Thank you, Ken Wilson





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