Michael Goddard Featured Flier 2017

Following a multi-disciplinary art and design education in the 1960’s, Michael spent over 20 years in the professional world of design. First as an interior designer, then as a
graphic designer and photographer, ultimately establishing his own UK design company. Michael has throughout his professional career maintained a strong interest in fine art.
Exhibiting his paintings and drawings in art galleries, including London, Manchester and Amsterdam. In addition to working in the field of design he spent 25 years working within
education, lecturing in visual communication and new media design. The chance discovery of David Pelham’s Penguin book of kites in the early 1980’s was the catalyst to him
spending the next 35 years exploring the remarkable world of kites. His inspiration for kite design in the early years came from frequent visits to the British Museum in London,
where a whole world of ethnographic design presented the opportunity to develop colorful surface design for his kites. In the late 1990’s Michael’s teaching of the use of color and
composition lead him towards a more personal abstract approach in his work. Inspiration came from the urban environment, architecture and his travel to other countries.
While using contemporary materials such as carbon fiber and rip stop, he also frequently uses painting, photography and printing techniques to create his kites.
Before constructing a kite he produces many design ideas in sketchbooks, believing that drawing plays an essential part in the development of ideas. He has over 30 sketchbooks in his collection.
Since 2004 he has traveled extensively with his kites, as guest kite flyer at kite festivals including Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Israel, India, Thailand, Malaysia and across Europe.

More about Michael’s kites can be found at www.idesignkites.com



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