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2018 Special Guests

Paul and Helene Morgan are the 2018 Special Guests! You can see more at Their kites have been in art exhibitions, used in TV ads, and company promotions. They have been used by the British Antarctic Survey and archaeologists for lofting weather equipment and cameras. Their skills have also been used to design and construct light weight stage sets and props as well as designing a prototype “S.S. Windrush” ship for the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony.

Recently they have been using more paint and print ideas alongside the usual appliquéd designs to decorate the covers of their kites. Paul and Helene still work full time from home and produce all their kites themselves. They can also be found on the field at festivals most weekends throughout the summer.


Kite Festival 2016

Past Photo Contest Winners

Kite Festival 2014

2014 Cody Fly
Photo courtesy of LAUNNY HERRIGES
2014 Photo Contest
Rebecca Larsen is the winner of the 2014 Kite Festival Photo Contest with this sweet photo.
Fireworks: Friday and Saturday nights!
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Ray Bethell
Honoring a Legend in Kite Flying
Parade of Colors
Indoor Kite Flying
Long Beach Elementary School

These wonderful images are courtesy of local photographer Richard Dawson.


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