Sponsors & Volunteers

WSIKF is sponsored by the Long Beach Merchants Association and is 100% planned and executed by VOLUNTEERS.

Give these folks a pat on the back!

Executive Committee

Beach Volunteers

Carol Bechard

Rae Bohn

Ronda Brewer

Larry Christensen

Pat Christensen

Deb Cooley Tuminia

Al Councilman

Bary Crites

Scott Davis

Marti Dermer

Vic Eshpeter

Carl Fitzgerald

Debbie Fitzgerald

Evans Fletcher

David Gomberg

Jerry Graham

Phyllis Gribbin

Patti Haas

Robin Haas

Ray Hertz

Donna Hertz

Richard Hurd

Glenda Kleppin

Cindy Kroeger

Marla Miller

Ron Miller

NW Sport Kite League

Cliff Pennell

Gerry Pennell

Sandee Rogers

Scott Slater

Barry Tislow

Susan Tislow

Ken Tuminia

Sonia Turner

Wayne Turner

Bob Wendt

Donna Wendt

Rick White

Morrie Williams

Kara Zubal


beachdog.com, inc.

MANY, many thanks to the WKA, the AOK and the AKA for all of their help.