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Washington State International Kite Festival
Frequently Asked Questions For Vendors

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W.S.I.K.F.     F.A.Q.  –  2014

Washington State International Kite Festival

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:        When is the Washington State International Kite Festival?

A:        The WSIKF is held every year during the third FULL week in August.

(8/18/2014 to 8/24/2014)

Q:        What are the hours of operation?

A:        Monday through Thursday          10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday                     10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.*

Sunday                                              10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.**

*Must remain open until after fireworks and lighted kite fly.

**Vendors can start breaking down at 3:00 p.m.  The beach approach will remain closed to the traffic until parking attendants leave.  Only vehicles with approved passes will be allowed on approach.

Note:  All vendors are encouraged to remain open as long as there is foot traffic on the Bolstad beach approach.

Q:        How much does it cost for a space at the festival?

A:        Full week is $500.00 for the first 10 feet and $5.00 for each additional foot.   Weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) $450.00 for the first 10 feet and $5.00 for each additional foot.  If you are approved with a Motor Home an additional $50.00 will be charged.


Q:        When will applications be available?

A:        They are available now at click on the vendor flag.  Print out, read, complete & sign the application and Code of Conduct.   If you do not have access to a computer you can request an application by calling (360) 642-4020 or by mail at Vendors C/O WSIKF/PO Box 387/Long Beach, WA  98631.


Q:        What do I need to send in with my application?

A:        You will need to send in the completed application, signed Code of Conduct, a picture of your booth/trailer and a check for at least $100.00, payable to WSIKF.   Mail them to Vendors C/O WSIKF/PO Box 387/Long Beach, WA  98631.


Q:        When is the application deadline?

A:        The deadline will be April 30 or until all space is filled.   We request at least a $100.00 deposit with balance due by July 1.


Q:        When can I set up?

A:        Set up is on the Sunday (8-17-2014) before the festival begins, as soon as the spaces are marked and assigned by the vendor coordinator.  The approach is not blocked off until 6:00 a.m. on Sunday and this process is weather dependent, so please be patient and understanding.  In previous years vendors have been able to start set up between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on that Sunday.


Q:        What if I am unable to set up on Sunday?

A:        Arrangements will need to be made with the Vendor Team in advance; however, you will not be allowed to set up during festival hours.   If approved for late set up, you will need to set up after 6:00 p.m. or before 10:00 a.m.


Q:        Will my deposit be refunded?

A:        All funds will be returned if you are not accepted or if you cancel 30 days before the festival.


Q:        When will I know if I am accepted?

A:        Approval letters will be sent out by the end of May.  This letter will also state denied products.


Q:        Are there any products that will automatically NOT be approved?

A:        Yes, all products that shoot or stab i.e. pellet guns, marshmallow launchers, and knives, plastic or otherwise.  Snap or glow sticks will not be approved, because our local Junior Cheer Leaders sell them on Friday & Saturday night as a fundraiser.   We limit the sales of kite logotype apparel to Long Beach merchants only.  Only the Kite Festival Committee will sell the official Kite Festival apparel.  Please do not incorporate the name Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF) or use our logo on any items you wish to sell.


Q:        Can I bring my Motor Home?

A:        Yes, however, we have limited space for Motor Homes.   You will be charged for your space according to the longest footage, your motor home or booth space; i.e. if your motor home is 40 feet and your booth is only 10 feet you will be charged for 40 feet.   However, you will need to fill the entire 40-foot space with product.   Only one motor home will be allowed per space.   If you need to stay at Motor Home Park or motel you can check out places at 


Q:        Is there an additional charge if my space is approved with my motor home?

A:        Yes, you will be charged an additional $50.00.


Q:        During the festival is there someone that will pump out my motor home?

A:        Yes, you will need to call for arrangements with Evergreen Septic, 360.642.7272.


Q:        How are vendors selected?

A:        Long Beach business owners have priority, then returning vendors with a history of following the rules and being easy to work with and finally, vendors that are selling products not represented.   We strive for variety and clean-appearing booths.  At this time space is limited to 55 vendors.


Q:        Is there electrical hookups?

A:        Yes, there is only one 20 amp electrical hookup per unit.   If you are approved with your motor home and plan to plug your motor home into the provided electrical outlet you will need to run all other electrical needs through your motor home.  We currently do NOT provide 220 services.


Q:        Can I use my own generator?

A:        No, the use of generators is not allowed at the festival.


Q:        Will water be provided?

A:        Yes, however, you will need to bring a hose approved for drinking water and not a garden hose.  Water is run on the back side of your space.


Q:        How is the garbage handled?

A:        Each vendor is responsible to supply your own garbage can for use by patrons.   The City of Long Beach provides their city crew to keep the approach clean of garbage and will keep the community garbage cans empty.  However, it is the vendors’ responsibility to keep their space clean and to take their garbage to the dumpsters in the parking lot.  All boxes must be broken down and taken to the large dumpster provided in the parking lot.


Q:        What is Washington State Sales Tax?   

A:        Washington State Sales Tax for Pacific County as of 9-5-2007 is 7.8%.


Q:        Do I need to provide a Certificate of Insurance?

A:        Due to our insurance requirements starting 2008 we will be requiring a Certificate of Insurance naming Washington State International Kite Festival/PO Box 387/Long Beach, WA  98631 as an additional insured or rider to your current liability policy.


Q:        Where will my space be located?

A:        This is an out doors event.   You will be either on blacktop or grass.  You can only use weights to hold down your tent, no pegs into blacktop.  There are vendor pictures on and so you can get an idea of how we are setup.  Remember we are on the coast of Washington so be prepared for strong winds and rain.  We seem to usually have one day of mist or rain.  You may want to bring a tarp with you if your tent is not totally waterproof.


Q:        Can I put out a reader or sandwich board in front of my booth?

A:        No, you cannot have a sandwich board past your indicated space.  Also, you cannot pass out samples or flyers on the approach.  You must stay in your booth area and not impede traffic.


Q:        Where do I park my car during the festival?

A:        You will be given a Vendor Parking Pass on the first day of your arrival.  You must display this in the window of your vehicle.  The parking attendants will direct you to the vendor parking area.  They try to setup an area close to the approach, however, this is a very busy festival and sometimes the parking lot becomes full.   There is no overnight camping in the parking lot.


Q:        How do I get supplies?

A:        Please try to plan ahead for your supplies.  If you find a delivery is needed after 9:30 a.m. the city crew or a festival volunteer will try and help you.  Check with the parking attendant for help, they will have a radio to contact a festival volunteer.  All cars must be off the approach by 9:30 a.m.


Q:        If my supplies are to be delivered by UPS/Federal Ex, what address do I give them?

A:        UPS/Federal Express packages can be delivered to Long Beach City Hall, phone number (360) 642-4421, address is 115 Bolstad West  Long Beach, WA  98631.  Please be sure and let the city know how to contact you and that a delivery is coming.


Q:        Whom do I call for questions on Health Department requirements?

A:        Pacific County Department of Community Development in South Bend, phone number 360.642.9382.


Q:        Whom do I call to set up for ice, Pepsi products and propane?


Pepsi Cola Bottling           Pepsi                          360.642.3331

Propane                               Petrolane GasSrv  360.642.2102


Q:        How do I contact the Vendor Team?

A:        Contact by phone at 360.642.4020.