Meet Carl Robertshaw

This year The Washington State International Kite Festival is proud and honored to have Carl Robertshaw as our International guest. Carl is a transdisciplinary designer and artist, engaged at the intersection of performance, engineering and fine art.

Carl seeks to champion and celebrate unique, ambitious voices who share a positive vision for the future. Carl enjoys working across live events, TV, theatre, gallery and installation design, stadium shows, architecture and space engineering. He is the only 5-time World Sport Kite Champion and now mentors the competing teams.

Carl has collaborated with artists such as Bjork, ANOHNI, Kylie Minogue, Hussein Chalayan and has been commissioned by MoMA NY, The Hayward Gallery, and The London Design Biennale. His work has been celebrated on stages around the world, including The Super Bowl 5o Halftime Show, Royal Opera House, Glastonbury, Commonwealth Games and the 2012 Olympic ceremonies.

Carl was instrumental in developing the Hatchling, potentially the world’s largest non-mechanical flying puppet, which will be leading the procession for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Carl also led in the creation of PoliNations, a groundbreaking multidisciplinary public art installation in the heart of Bellingham this summer celebrating diversity through performance, live plants, light and sound, mass participation, sanctuary spaces, local voices, nature and spectacle.

Carl enjoys an ongoing relationship with Oxford Space Systems developing deployable satellites with designs currently operating in Low Earth Orbit

Carl Robertshaw flying the prototype FULCRUM SUL Quad line sport kite at Cervia, Italy, 2018

Carl Robertshaw performing the ballet “Scratch Bunnies” at the 2014 World Sport Kite Championships

Meet Scott Hampton

Scott has been providing the kite world with his art for many years.  His banners and kites are distinctive with their bright colors and original graphics.  He has become an expert in the use of Design Master Paints on ripstop nylon that allows him to make full use of color gradients.  He is always willing to share his techniques with others.  When traveling abroad to festivals he is fully committed to his display presentation and always ready to answer questions about his work.

In addition to sharing his work at festivals, Scott was a key part of developing a video series with ARTrageous Online about kite design and culture.  Videos found on YouTube are a great way for beginners of all ages to learn about kites.

“I make stuff to satisfy my inner desire to… make stuff.  For the past 20 + years it has been banners and kites; some of which actually fly.  I always enjoy what I make and sometimes I’m very pealed with the outcome, that’s why I don’t sell very much.  I get too attached to them.  It’s all about building what is aesthetically pleasing to me.  Of course, I have no formal training.  I enjoy the drawing designing, painting, and appliqueing aspects of my work.  The sparring and bridling part is such a chore, but I realize those are necessities in order to bring the idea to life.” –Scott Hampton