AUGUST 26, 2018

Memorial Fly 

10:00 am, Field A

Please leave the names of the kite flier you wish to remember at the Operations Tent.  A clipboard for that purpose will be there all week.  The names will be written on a kite that will be released during the fly.  This is expressly for those who have passed in the past year.   Please feel free to fly your own kite during this memorial.

Mass Ascension #4: Sparless Soft Kites

Bary Crites & Vic Eshpeter, Event Directors

10:30 am, Field A

Pin Registration Thursday, 10:00 am,

Registration Tent

Part 3 of a four part pin set for the first 240 flyers.

Registration is NOT required if no pin is desired.


11:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Field A

Individuals, Pairs and Teams are welcome to show their stuff.  Bring your music to the sound tent and do your thing.  No preregistration is needed.  No judging.  Just fun!!  A MegaFly may be included.

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