1. Please check in on Sunday for your specific booth space. When setting up your booth, you are to line up with your neighbor.
  2. You have the use of one outlet per space and no generators are allowed.
  3. Use only weights to hold down your tents, no pegs into blacktop.
  4. Sandwich, reader boards, etc., are not allowed since they can impede traffic.
  5. The Long Beach City Police have asked that there be no bicycle riding, roller-blading, skateboarding, etc., on the approach for safety reasons.
  6. Please park your vehicle in the designated Vendor area. You will need to prominently display your Vendor Pass in your window while in this area. No overnight camping is allowed in the parking area.
  7. Absolutely no cars in front of your booth after 9:30 am.
  8. Please try to plan ahead for your supplies. If you find that a delivery is needed after 9:30 am, the City Crew or festival volunteer will try to assist you.
  9. Please use only hoses approved for drinking water, no garden hoses, since this will affect the taste of the water and your product.
  10. Although the Long Beach City Crew will be running “garbage patrol”, it is still your responsibility to keep your area clean and take your garbage to the dumpster. You will need to bring your own garbage cans. Vendors who do not clean their area will not be asked back next year. This includes your camping area. Additionally, if the area is not left clean, the City will impose a cleaning deposit. Please help us keep the beach approach clean for everyone!
  11. There is absolutely no soliciting or selling outside your booth space.
  12. Please observe the Kite Festival hours – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. On Friday and Saturday night there will be a
    lighted kite fly. You may remain open longer hours on any festival days, but must be open during stated hours. On Sunday you can start breaking down at 3:00 pm, however, the approach will only be open to vehicles with a valid parking pass until 5:00 pm or when parking lot attendants leave.
  13. Only previously approved items may be sold at the Festival. If your application had any item(s) denied, you cannot sell the denied item(s). Selling of denied item(s) will immediately forfeit your space at the Festival.
  14. No kite logotype shirts, except for Long Beach Merchants.
  15. Only the Kite Festival committee will sell merchandise with the Official Kite Festival Logo.
  16. Camping must have prior approval. Only self-contained trailers are allowed, no tents.
  17. No drinking of alcoholic beverages during Festival hours. No games of chance booths allowed.
  18. Vendors will not be allowed to sublet their space.
  19. All dogs/pets must be watched at all times and out of vendor areas.
  20. No gun type merchandise or anything that shoots, i.e. pellet/marshmallow guns.
  21. Violation of any Festival conduct rules will result in immediate forfeiture of your space at this event and at any future events.

Informational Numbers

Propane Active Enterprises Inc: (360) 642-2102
Pacific County Health Department: (360) 642-9382

Washington State International Kite Festival takes no responsibility for damage to booths/motor homes/vehicles/personal property or stolen items. Limited security patrol is provided starting Sunday night at 11:00 p.m. until Sunday at 6:00 a.m. The Long Beach Police try to make a presence on the approach during festival week.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time at 360.642.4020 or vendors@kitefestival.com. During festival week we will try and visit you daily to help out with questions, problems or concerns. Thanks for your cooperation.